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Big Data simply explained – Why are data volumes so relevant for the future?

Big Data (German for “large amounts of data”) is quickly explained. It is the basis, the “fodder” for analyses using computers, i.e. for data science, AI, machine learning, computer vision and much more. These large volumes of data are generated, among other things, by smartphones, which collect users’ movement and usage data and make it available for analysis. Without Big Data, there is no AI; without AI, there are no assistance systems for humans.

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Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) describes the interface between linguistics and computer science. NLP describes the recognition, processing, and information retrieval of an algorithm from natural language. Natural language is individual from person to person, so NLP algorithms try to recognize and identify connections using text and/or sound components. Thus, the natural language is brought into a system that the computer understands.

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Deep Learning

Deep learning is a field of machine learning in which a computer attempts to mimic the thought processes of a human brain to determine commonalities in data. Deep Learning have high accuracy, often surpassing the brain power of humans. The training is performed by a large amount of data and multilayered so-called “neural networks”. Using Deep Learning, an autonomously driving car can, for example, distinguish stop signs from right-of-way signs or recognize people and their intention to move. It is therefore suitable for solving very complex problems.

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